On May 5, 2004 we held the Paso Robles Rally hosted by Frank & Irene Griffin. Frank and Irene did a marvelous job with this event.  Therefore, congratulations are in order for their FIRST TIME as rally masters. 

The people who enjoyed this unforgettable rally:

Dick and Sue Beem
Leroy & Helen Criss
Tom and Doris Enos
Andrew and Beverly Ewing
Phil and Shirlee Griffin
Frank and Irene Griffin
Tom and Naomi Hewitt
Vern and Beverly Hoy 
Dunk and Eileen Hughes
Ray Matasci and Barbara
Richard and Irene Mazzarella
Alan and Judy Mersereau
Jim and Marty Moir
Don Pankhard
Al Raine
Bart & Judy Sidell
Bill and Pat Snyder
Ron and Nancy Staudenmayer

In addition, new members:
Dwight and Christine Sexton 

We also secured a new couple:
Dale and Diana Manners
Tom and Doris Enos, planned and prepared a barbecue dinner for us all. 
Tom slaved all day at the pit.  Doris slaved all day at the stove. 
The rest of us just ate and ate to our utter delight. 
Tri-Tip Roasts being seasoned & prepared to be aged
Tom Enos Bar-B-Qing roasts with mustard & rock salt
The final night was the Mazzarella's turn.  Mazz and Irene planned and prepared a Mexican meal to compare with any Mexican meal you will ever eat.  We watch the preparation of the
Steak and pork with utter fascination.  We are so fortunate to have our great chefs. 
We are grateful for their generous nature and great talent.
This was not a Pot Luck Dinner.  This was the Mazzarella's cooked from scratch Mexican Gourmet Food Dinner for which they worked in the kitchen all day to prepare for us. 
It was fantastic.
Al Raine coming to join us
L to R:  Al Raine, Shirlee Griffin, Bev Hoy, Frank Griffin and Vern Hoy
L to R:  Dunk & Eileen Hughes, Bart Sidell, Phil Griffin and Irene Griffin
L to R:  Alan Mersereau, Jim & Marty Moir, Nancy Staudenmayer and Judy Mersereau are involved in the tournament
L to R:  Marty Moir, Nancy Staudenmayer
and Judy Mersereau considering their next play
Winner Alan Mersereau accepts his gift 
Looking on are Judy Mersereau & Sue Beem
Another winner was Doris Enos
Looking on are Marty & Jim Moir and Sue Beem
Judy Mersereau checking out the
hors d'oeurves
Alan Mersereau having his turn
L to R:  Judy & Alan Mersereau, Don Pankhard, Marty & Jim Moir and Bill & Pat Synder
L to R:  Dick Beem, Nancy & Ron Staudenmayer,
Al Raine and Frank & Irene Griffin and Sue Beem
L to R:  Don Pankhard, Bill Synder,
and Jim & Marty Moir with
Beverly & Andrew Ewing in the foreground
L to R:  Don Pankhard, Bill & Pat Synder,
and Alan & Judy Mersereau
L to R:  Frank Griffin, Bart Sidell,
and Judy & Alan Mersereau
L to R:  Jim Moir, Irene Griffin
and Don Pankhard
Everyone busy eating the great food prepared by our Chefs Mazzarella

L to R:  Don Pankchard takes seconds, while
Chef Richard Mazzarella finally gets to eat
L to R:  Doris Enos, NEW MEMBERS: Dwight & Christine Sexton and Judy & Bart Sidel
L to R:  Andrew Ewing, Bev & Vern Hoy,
Tom & Naomi Hewitt, and Beverly Ewing
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The evening Hearst Castle trip was a beautiful night tour. 
There were 32 actors taking the roles of the Hollywood types
who enjoyed the castle in the thirties.
Main Guest Entrance
Twin Bell Towers and ornate hand carved eves
View clear to the top of the Bell Tower
The steps we climbed to the castle entrance
L to R:  Shirlee Griffin, Doris Enos, Jim Moir,
Nancy Staudenmayer and Marty Moir
L to R:  Dick & Sue Beem, Irene & Frank Griffin, Andrew & Beverly Ewing, and in the foreground is our charter bus driver.
Some of the castle guests
Neptune Pool
To the side of the main pool
A closer view of some of the Neptune Statuary
One of the castle guests dressed in his swim suit
More castle guests out for an evening stroll before dinner
Beautiful flowers, trees, bushes, hedges and statues in the garden
Some of the walkways and patios
throughout the garden
Three Sisters Statue
View from a sitting room looking down the hill to the ocean and out to a porch and garden
Another corner of the sitting room
Old style telephone located in a hallway
Cupid lost his bow & arrow
A closer view of some of the hand carved eves
One of the guest bedrooms
The Library
A view from the castle
back to the ocean at dusk
Same sunset a few seconds later
We hope you enjoyed our Paso Robles Rally.  Please look at our Site Directory below to view our other HMC Club rallies.