HMC Club's Annual Meeting
Every November, the HMC Club hold their Annual Meeting at the Emerald Desert RV Park in Palm Desert, CA.

These are the pictures from our
2005 Emerald Desert Rally.
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2005 Emerald Desert Rally
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L to R:  Louise & Leo Metzler & David Althoff
L to R:  Jimmie & Marilyn Carnes,
and Dotty & Mike Cronin
L to R:  Nancy Staudenmayer,
Nancy & Bill Fromling, and guests
Louise & Leo Metzler
L to R:  Linda Macken and Doris Enos
L to R:  Leo Metzler, Vicky & David Althoff
and Louise Metzler
L to R:  Jim McClenaghan, Doral Hunter
and Gerrie Hunter
L to R:  Chuck & Phyllis Hogue,
and Chuck & Marlene Gould
L to R:  Phil & Shirlee Griffin
and Doral & Gerrie Hunter
L to R:  Doris Enos, Don Pankhard
and Dotty & Mike Cronin
L to R:  Louise & Leo Metzler,
and Marilyn & Jimmie Carnes
L to R:  Sylbil & Jerry Cale
and Barbara & Mike Warr

L to R:  Dunk Hughes, Richard & Irene Mazzarella
and Judy & Jerry Miller
L to R:  Orren & Nancy Curr
and Flo & Jim Culbertson
L to R:  Lee & Linda Garrett and Carl Peterson
Donna Elliott & pete Peterson
L to R:  Sally & Jim McClenaghan
and Pamela & Michael Stanley
Doral & Gerrie Hunter
L to R:  Barbara Tillman and Guests
L to R:  Nancy Staudenmayer
and Merle & John Tylka
L to R:  Nita & Red Cauthern
and Vicky & David Althoff
L to R:  John Tylka, Vicky Altoff, Judy Mersereau
In the Back:  Linda Machen & Ron Staudenmayer.
Music background provided by:
Bill Abbott & The Capital City Jazz Band