The Western Area Rally called “Fabulous Fifties” was a very successful one despite the wet beginning.  The President’s coach balked, but finally got on the road and he arrived to find the Vice President Tom and Doris Enos and the FMCA National Director Bob Valpey operating with exceptional talent to keep Tables and Chairs on the ball.  What a great volunteer group:

Dave and Vicky Althoff
Bill and Betty Argyle
Dick and Sue Beem
Charlie and Jeanne Belew
Jerry and Sybil Cale
Jimmie and Marilyn Carnes
George and Shila Cioli
George and Mary Lou Crafton
Leroy and Helen Criss
Jim and Flo Culbertson
Orren and Nancy Curl
Richard and Stephanie Desrochers
Tom and Doris Enos
Bob and Karenann Evans
Lee and Linda Garrett
Chuck and Marlene Gould
Frank and Irene Griffin
Phil and Shirlee Griffin
Chuck and Phyllis Hogue
Vern and Bev Hoy
Duncan and Eileen Hughes
Kate Krubsack and Vi Sturdivant
Jerry and Elaine Lowrey
Ray and Linda Macken
Richard and Irene Mazzarella
Larry and Pat McBride
Alan and Judy Mersereau
Leo and Louise Metzler
Leon and Jean Miernik
Jim and Marty Moir
Don Pankhard
Pete Petersen and Donna Elliott
Al Raine and Linda Schuler
Dwight and Christine Sexton
Judy Sidell
Bill and Pat Snyder
Ron and Nancy Staudenmayer
Bob Valpey and Charlotte McCalley
Mike and Barbara Warr
Bob and Marwilda Wilson. 

"The Fabulous Fifties"
This pictures is of the Original Bob's Restaurant.  It is the only Bob's still opened in California and is located in Toluca Lake, CA. They still have Car Hop Service and a Car Show every Fright Night.
Fairgrounds in Indio, CA
HMC Club Members (left) Barbara Warr & Marilyn Carnes participating in the 50's Outfits Sashion Show
Fashion Show Antendees
Pat & Bill Synder enjoying the entertainment
Some of our HMC Club Volunteers enjoying a well deserved break
Don't go away!   The best is yet to come.....
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2005 Indio Rally
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