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2006 Western Area Convention Indio Rally
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These are the lucky attendees:

Dave and Vicky Althoff
John and Kathleen Behne
Charlie and Jeanne Belew
Jerry and Sybil Cale
Jimmie and Marilyn Carnes
Red and Nita Cauthen
George and Shila Cioli
Jim and Flo Culbertson
Orren and Nancy Curl
Tom and Doris Enos
Lee and Linda Garrett
Chuck and Marlene Gould
Frank and Irene Griffin
Phil and Shirlee Griffin
Chuck and Phyllis Hogue
Duncan and Eileen Hughes
Richard and Irene Mazzarella
Larry and Pat McBride
Alan and Judy Mersereau
Leo and Louise Metzler
Leon and Jean Miernik
Jerry and Judy Miller
Tom Murphy
Don Pankhard
Pete Petersen and Donna Elliott
Al Raine
Dwight and Christine Sexton
Bill and Pat Snyder
Ron and Nancy Staudenmayer
Bob Valpey
Mike and Barbara Warr
Tom and Dorothy Warren
Bob and Marwilda Wilson.

The Western Area Rally was outstanding.  The entertainment was the best in years. 

Many thanks to Betty Vincent for her hard work in getting great entertainers and running the big room where we worked at least 2 times and sometimes 3 times a day. 

The HMC Crew had a terrific time keeping the room set with tables and chairs exactly the way they wanted.  They deserve a lot of credit for working so efficiently.  We got a letter of appreciation from Tony and Betty Vincent. 

The HMC Club had several great “get togethers” at camp and generally enjoyed all of the activities at the Rally. 
L to R:  Eileen & Dunk Hughes, Lee & Linda Garrett
Donna Elliott and Pete Peterson
L to R:  Richard Mazzarella, Don Pankhard,
Jerry Cale and Charlie Belew
L to R:  Louise & Leo Metzler
and David & Vicky Althoff
L to R:  Jeanne Belew and Barbara & Mike Warr, Sylbil Cale Back:  Chuck Gould, Shila Cioli & Marlene Gould
L to R:  Eileen & Dunk Hughes, Linda & Lee Garrett, Donna Elliott  Back:  Shila Cioli,
Doris Enos and Pete Peterson
Chuck & Phyllis Hogue
L to R:  Alan & Judy Mersereau and Red & Nita Cauther.  Foreground:  Charlie Belew
L to R:  Don Pankhard and Flo & Jim Culbertson
L to R:  Irene & Frank Griffin and Jerry Miller
Background:  Doris Enos
L to R:  Eileen Hughes, Shila Cioli, Dunk Hughes and Lee Garrett
L to R:  Vicky Althoff, Marilyn Carnes, and
Louise Metzler
L to R:  Louise & Leo Metzler, David Altoff and Jerry Cale
L to R:  Vi Stturdivant, Kate Krubsack, Pat Synder
and Ron & Nancy Staudenmayer
L to R:  Mike Warr, Jeanne Belew, Jerry Cale, Alan Mersereau, Barbara Warr, Red Cauthen and Nancy Staudenmayer
L to R:  Mike Warr, Alan & Judy Mersereau,
Red Cauthen, Bob Wilson and Vicky Althoff
L to R:  Vi Sturdivant & Kate Krubsack
L to R:  Nancy & Ron Staudenmayer
Back:  Linda & Lee Garrett and Jerry Miller
L to R:  Dunk Hughes, Bill Synder, Marilyn Carnes,
Bob Wilson, Richard Mazzarella and Phil Griffin
L to R:  Barbara Warr, Sybil Cale, Mike Warr and Jerry Cale
Back:  Judy Mersereau, Irene Mazzarella, Alan Mersereau, Richard Mazzarella and Bob Valpey
Jimmie & Marilyn Carnes
L to R:  Doris Enos, Eileen & Dunk Hughes and Nita Cauthen
Music background provided by:
Bill Abbott & The Capital City Jazz Band