HMC Club's Annual Meeting
Every November, the HMC Club hold their Annual Meeting at the Emerald Desert RV Park in Palm Desert, CA.
L to R:  Marty & Jim Moir, Dave & Vickey Altoff   and Dwight & Christine Sexton
L to R:  Barbara Tillman, Kate Krubsack and Bob Valpey
L to r:  Linda & Ray Macken and Judy and Alan Mersereau
L to R:  Bob & Marwilda Wilson, Tom Hewitt and
Micky & Nick Philips
L to R:  Lee Garrett, Walt & Liz Sideworth and Linda Garrett
Eileen & Dunk Hughes
Irene & Richard Mazzarella
L to R:  Jimmie & Marilyn Carnes and Tom Warren
L to R:  Kevin & Christine Bnehrendt,
Dwight Sexton and Patsy Jones
L to R:  Dwight Secton, Cliff & Sharla Merritt
and Christine Sexton
Barbara & Mike Warr
L to R:  Ray & Linda Macken and Doris Enos
Frank & Irene Griffin and Nancy Staudenmayer
L ro R:  Ray Macken & Tom Enos
The HMC Club received a special recognization from FMCA for our 20th Anniversary. 
The Living Desert
This page was last updated: January 5, 2008
HMC Club President Phil Griffin and his wife Shirlee accept the Special Recognition.  The award was presented by Jack White who is Central Area Vice President of Western Motor Home Association.  Pictured on the right is Phil & Shirlee Griffin and Jack & Helen White. 
Dave & Vicky  Althoff
Kevin & Christine Behrendt
Jerry & Sybil Cale
Jimmie & Marilyn Carnes
Tom & Doris Enos
Lee and Linda Garrett
Phil & Shirlee Griffin
Frank & Irene Griffin
Tom Hewitt
Chuck and Phyllis Hogue
Duncan & Eileen Hughes
Ken & Patsy Jones
Kate Kurbsack
Ray and Linda Macken
Richard & Irene Mazzarella
Jim and Sally McClenaghan

Cliff and Sharla Merritt
Alan & Judy Mersereau
Leo and Louise Metzler
Jim and Marty Moir
Nick and Mickey Philips
Dave & Pat Rhodes
Dwight & Christine Sexton
James P.  Smith
Ron and Nancy Staudenmayer
Barbara Tillman
John & Merle Tylka
Bob Valpey
Mike & Barbara Warr
Tom & Dorothy Warren
Jack & Helen White
Bob & Marwilda Wilson

Every November, the HMC Club holds their Annual Meeting at the Emerald Desert RV Park in Palm Desert, CA.  About 65 members enjoyed it with 31 coaches parked in the luxurious surroundings.  There were eleven HMC’s and twenty SOB’s (Some Other Brand).  We may have to consider changing our name to the HMC “Has Been’s”

The park catered a tri-tip dinner Thursday night and provided live entertainers for music and dancing. There were side trips to the Follies and The Living Desert as well as our Annual Chili Cookoff. 

These are the pictures from this rally.