May 22-27, 2007
2007 Bishop Mule Days Celebration

Every year during the Memorial Day Weekend, more than 700 mules compete in 181 events at the Bishop Mule Days Celebration. There is no way to actually describe Mule Days. It is part mule show, part test of skills, and part Wild West show.

Situated on the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop, CA, Mule Days has become an international world class event. Crowds have grown from 200 to more than 30,000 fans!

Highlights of the Celebration include the Thursday night concert, featuring Country Music stars, the longest running non-motorized parade on Saturday morning, Steer roping and penning, an event normally reserved for quarter horses, and the Packer's Scramble – the wildest, nosiest and funniest event of the weekend.

There are also barbecues, country dances and an arts & crafts show. All taking place at the foot of the beautiful Eastern Sierra.

The HMC Club attended the 2007 Mule Days 
under the direction of Rally Master Don Pankhard. 

Join us for the highlights of this rally.....
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Tuesday May 22, 2007
Tuesday Morning Show: 8:00 AM
Gambler's Choice - Single Mule - Main Arena
Timed Obstacles - Main Arena
Donkey Driving 2-up - Main Arena

Tuesday Afternoon Show: 1:00 PM
All English Flat Classes - Main Arena

Wednesday May 23, 2007
Wednesday Morning Show: 8:00 AM
All English Jumping Classes - Main Arena

Wednesday Afternoon Show: 1:00 PM
Pleasure Driving - Single Mule - Main Arena
Ride and Drive - Main Arena
Hitch Class - 2 Up - Main Arena
Youth Driving - Main Arena

Opening Night Supper: 5:00 PM

Thursday May 24, 2007
Thursday Morning Show: 8:00 AM
Hitch Class - 6 Up - Main Arena
Hitch Class - 4-Up - Main Arena
Log Skidding - Single Mule - Main Arena
Log Skidding - Teams - Main Arena

Thursday Afternoon Show: 1:00 PM
Jack Halter - East Arena 1
Get of Sire - East Arena 1
Donkey Halter Classes - East Arena 1
Model Pack Mule - East Arena 1
Mule Team Halter Classes - East Arena 1

Country & Western Concert: 7:00 PM

Friday May 25, 2007
Friday Morning Show: 8:00 AM
Western Riding and Reining Classes - Green and Open - East Arena 1
Gambler's Choice - Teams - Main Arena
Barrel Racing - Prelims - Main Arena
Donkey Barrel Race - Prelims - Main Arena
Farm Class - Main Arena

Friday Afternoon Show: 1:00 PM
Green Western Pleasure - Main Arena
Bridled Western Pleasure - Main Arena
Donkey Pleasure - Main Arena
Adult Amateur Green Western Pleasure - Main Arena
Adult Amateur Bridled Western Pleasure - Main Arena
Green Cow Working - Main Arena
Bridled Cow Working - Main Arena
Keyhole Race - Prelims - West Track
Polebending - Prelims - West Track
Donkey Keyhole Race - Prelims - West Track
Donkey Polebending - West Track
Youth Classes & Gaited Classes - East Arena 1

Friday Barbecue: 4:00 PM

Friday Evening Show: 7:30 PM
Team Roping - Prelims - Main Arena
Panty Race - Main Arena
Americana Class - Main Arena
Gambler's Choice - Single Mule Finals - Main Arena
Barrel Racing Finals - Main Arena
Youth Individual Scramble - Main Arena
Individual Packing Contest - East Arena 1
Western Pleasure Stakes
200 Yard Western Race
Youth Box Hitch Contest
Individual Packing Scramble
Chariot Barrell Race - Main Arena
Packing Contest - East Arena 1

Friday Night Family Dance: 8:30 PM

Mule Days Symposium: 1:00 PM

Saturday May 26, 2007
Mule Days Celebration Parade: 10:00 AM

Saturday Afternoon Show: 1:00 PM
Adult Costume Class - Main Arena
Run, Ride & Lead - Main Arena
Pack Team Scramble - Main Arena
Coon Jumping - Main Arena
Pack Train - Main Arena
Youth and Donkey In Hand Trail - East Arena 2
Green Trail - East Arena 2
300 Yard Western Race
Grand Entry - Main Arena

Saturday Barbecue: 4:00 PM

Saturday Evening Show: 7:30 PM
Polebending Finals - Main Arena
Box Hitch Contest - Main Arena
Chariot Race & Chariot Steer Stopping - Main Arena
Speed Shoeing - Main Arena
The Ultimate Scramble - Main Arena
Ranch Roping Finals - Main Arena
Donkey Race - Main Arena

Saturday Night Adult Dance: 8:30 PM

Sunday May 27, 2007
Sunday Morning Show: 8:00 AM
Green Cow Cutting - Main Arena
Bridled Cow Cutting - Main Arena
Cattle Sorting - Main Arena
Pulling - Main Arena
Mule Shoeing Contest - East Arena 2
Model Saddle Mule Halter Classes - East Area 1

Cowboy Church: 10:00 AM

Sunday Afternoon Show: 1:30 PM
Gambler's Choice English Jumping Classic - Main Arena
Team Roping - Finals - Main Arena
"Dolly Parton" Race - Main Arena
Keyhole Race - Finals - Main Arena
Team Packing Contest - Main Arena
Team Packing Scramble - Main Arena
Diamond Hitch Contest - Main Arena
Bridled Trail - East Arena 1
Donkey Trail - East Arena 2
400 Yard Western Race - Main Arena
Chariot Racing

Sunday Evening Show: 7:30 PM
Bridle Reined - Finals - Main Arena
Musical Tires - Main Arena
Bedroll Race - Main Arena
Pack Off - Main Arena
Gaited Ginger Ale Costume Contest - Main Arena
Chuck Wagon Race - Main Arena