A great bunch of HMC members went to The Florence Rally at the Elks campground.  We had a brand new clubhouse for our meals and meetings.  We had an exciting dunes ride.  The Elks put on a great picnic the day we arrived. 

George and Shila Cioli were the rallymasters. 

The Florence Gang included:

Phil and Shirlee GriffinJimmie and Marilyn Carnes
Frank and Irene Griffin Lee & Linda Garrett
Jim and Sally McClenaghan     Larry & Pat McBride
Tom and Doris Enos Ken & Patsy Jones
Tony and Betty Vincent Bob Valpey
Ray & Linda Macken

We also had guests of the Jones and Garretts, Walt and Liz Sidsworth. 

The first Happy Hour and Dinner was a real treat.  .  We were sorry to have George & Shila leave for they had to go to the Monaco rally to work a booth that night.
Shila made dowels and mounted them on golf clubs to roast weenie jackets over the campfire.
L to R:  Shilia & George Cioli and Tony Vincent
Shilia Cioli works as Irene Griffin looks on
Doris Enos & Shirley Griffin
checking the golf clubs
L to R:  Linda Macken, Tony Vincent
helping Shilia Cioli
"Now this is how's it done"
L to R:  Tony Vincent, Bob Valpey
George Cioli and Linda Garrett
"Is everyone listening?"
"Be sure not to burn them"
"Hey everyone, you'll get your chance"
L to R:  Tom Enos, Bob Valpey, Ray Macken, George Cioli and Linda Garrett
Jim & Marty Moir talking with Shirlee Griffin
Jim & Marty weren't able to attend the rally but
made a special visit to see all their HMC Club friends
Larry McBride is willing to give it a try
L to R:  Larry & Patty McBride and
Ray & Linda Macken
Linda & Lee Garrett
taking their turn
Looks Great....
It was great fun to watch everyone roast the jackets and then place a big fat weenie inside.  They were delicious
We had a surprise visit by Ray and Linda Macken
who were on their way home from a long Alaskan trip.  They had many tales to tell. 
Be sure to join us for our exciting Dunes Ride....  NEXT
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