A few brave souls who attended this  year's FMCA Northwest Area Rally in Albany, OR despite the fact that it rained all week and the temperatures were in the 40 & 50's. 

The Northwest Area Rally attendees were:

Ken & Patsy Jones
Jim & Sally McClenaghan
Frank & Irene Griffins
Maz & Irene Mazzarella
Cliff & Sharla Merritt 
Chuck & Marian Lehman (new members).
Word of Caution for those owning a Norcold Refrigerator… 

Three coaches away from our group caught fire during one of our happy hour and dinner. 

Jim McClenaghan helped put out the initial fire until the Albany Fire Dept. arrived. A Norcold Refrigerator caused the fire. It was on the recall list.   For those members who have a Norcold Refrigerator, be sure to check to see if your refrigerator is on the recall list.   To view the Recall List on line, visit:  www.norcold.com

The coach owners had an appointment the following morning.  Fortunately, the fire was contained in the refrigerator area. It could have been a lot worse if not caught in time.

Guarantee RV was wonderful.  They supplied a coach for the owners (from BC Canada) so they could attend the remainder of the rally and arranged to have their damaged coach towed.

The most surprising part of this story was the Albany Fire Department giving the owners $200 for a hotel room for the night.  The firefighters stayed at the coach for several hours to make sure there were not any hot spots and all the exposed damaged areas were covered.  FMCA collected $1500 for Albany’s Fire Dept. Special Fund and presented the money to them at one of our nightly functions.

Cliff & Sharla Merritt watching all the excitment
L to R:  Maz Mazzarella, Cliff Merritt,
Irene Mazzarella and Jim McClenaghan
L to R:  Cliff Merritt, Maz Mazzarella,
Jim McClenaghan and Frank Griffin
L to R:  Chuck & Marian Lehman and Ken Jones
Frank & Irene Griffin
L to R:  Chuck Lehman, Maz Mazzarella, Marian Lehman and Cliff Meritt
L to R:  Jim McClenaghan, Chuck Lehman, Mazz Mazzarella, Marian Lehman and Sharla Meritt
Be sure to join us for our Fairview Rally....  NEXT
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