Every November, the HMC Club hold their Annual Meeting at the Emerald Desert RV Park in Palm Desert, CA.

These are the pictures from our
2004 Emerald Desert Rally.
L to R:  Eileen & Dunk Hughes, Jim & Marty Moir, George & Shila Cioli, Shirlee & Phil Griffin
L to R:  Evelyn Warack, Vi Sturdivant, Kate Krubsack, Gerrie & Doral Hunter, Micky & Nick Philips (the other two people in this picture are the dinner servers)
L to R:  Marlene & Chuck Gould, Al Raine, Charlotte McCalley, Bob Valpey and Doris Enos
L to R:  Richard Desrochers, Linda & Ray Macken, Jerry & Eileen Lowrey, Helen & Leroy Criss, and Stephanine Derochers
L to R:  Dick Beem, Jim & Carol Borwn, Nancy & Orren Curl, Nita & Red Cauthen
L to R:  Beverly Ewing, Karenann & Bob Evans, Cliff & Sharia Merrit, Jusy & Alan Mersereau, and
Andrew Ewing
L to R:  Guest Couple, Judy & Jerry Miller, and
Jean & Leon Miernik
On Friday, a group of Club Members made a visit to the Painted Desert
These Teepees can be rented for overnight stays
Live Giraffes at the Living Desert Park
Live Wart Hogs
Eagle Tree Sculpture
Live Buzzard
Palm Tree with Dates
Palm Tree with Dates Bagged to protect them from the birds
Living Desert Show
DON'T GO AWAY.......
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2004 Emerald Desert Rally
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