Premier RV Resort -- Eugene, Oregon
Some of our coaches at the
Premier RV Resort
2nd night - Catered Happy Hour & Dinner -- BBQ'd Tuna, Salmon, Halibut, and Deep Fried Shrimp with all the trimmings
Hor's D'oeuvres - Giant Oysters on the half-shell
Cooking Dinner the 1st night -
Chef's Jack Pritchard and George Cioli
One Giant Oyster Hors d'oeuvres
Our own Vito Riggio playing the Accordion
for our dinning enjoyment
Enjoying Dinner are:  L to R: Vito Riggio, James Buckmaster, Nancy Staudenmayer, Al Raine (standing), Frank & Irene Griffin, Kathleen
Buskmaster and Shirley Riggio
L to R:  Phil Griffin, Dustin (Shila Cioli's son), Shila & George Cioli, Shirlee Griffin and
Doris Enos
Working at afternoon craft table
Cocktail & Hors d'oeuvres Time
L to R:  Jimmy Carnes, Duncan Hughes, Jeanne Campbell, Marilyn Carnes and Jean Miernik
Bird House that were given to each attendee by our hosts and their committee
Items donated by George & Shila Cioli
for the Big Raffle
Raffle Time
George & Shila Cioli
L to R:  Madeline & Jack Pritchard
and Patsy Jones
L to R:  Sharla Meritt, Madeline & Jack Pritchard, Patsy & Ken Jones and
Cliff Pritchard
"Offical Meeting Time"  L to R:  Bob Valpey, Richard Mazzarella, Doris Enos, Marilyn & Jimmy Carnes, Claude Sistrunk and Phil Griffin
L to R:  Doris Enos, Claude Sistrunk, Phil Griffin and Bob Valpey

HMC Members listening for their name......
L to R: Vitto Riggio, Irene Griffin, Nancy Standenmayer, Frank Griffin, Linda Downey, Ron Staudenmayer and Jack Downey
L to R: Claude Sistrunk, Richard Mazzarella, Jimmy & Marilyn Carnes, Margaret Sistrunk, Leon & Jean Miernik and Jeanne Campbell
Next it's "GAME TIME".....     Don't go away!
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Ragtime music performed by John Roache
Courtesy of John Roache's Ragtime Midi Library