68th Premier International
Motorhome Extravaganza
Among the many rallies the HMC Club attends are the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) conventions.   Here are some pictures from the October 2002 FMCA Convention in Hutchinson Kansas.  
Main Hall
President's Reception
Maestros playing and singing the National Anthem at Opening Ceremonies
Frustrated Maestros taking a break during Opening Ceremonies
HMC Club members
Tony & Betty Vincent
being introduced at the
Opening Ceremonies
Tony Vincent, Western Area Vice President, conducting Western Area meeting at the convention
L to R:  Beverly & Vern Hoy,
Bob Valpey, Tom Murphy,
Frank Griffin. Nancy Studenmayer,
and Pat Synder
HMC Club Member's Margarita Time
Phyllis & Chuck Hogue
L ro R:  Pat Synder, Beverly Hoy, Vern Hoy, Bob Valpey, Nancy Staudenmayer, Irene Griffin, and Chuck Hogue
L to R:  Tom Murphy and
Pres. Phil Griffin
L to R:  Namcy & Ron Staudenmayer, and Phyllis & Chuck Hogue
Pat & Bill Synder
L to R:  Marty & Jim Moir enjoying Happy Hours talking with Phil & Shirlee Griffin
HMC Club Members enjoying a night on the town
L to R around the table:  Tom Murphy, Tom Enos,
Doris Enos, Shirlee Griffin, Phil Griffin , Frank Griffin,
and Irene Griffin
L to R:  Tom Enos, Irene &, Frank Griffin,
Tom Murphy, Phil & Shirlee Griffin, and
Doris Enos
Tom Murphy and Phil Griffin
Then....  every RVer's worst nightmare......  MUD!

YES!   It rained and rained and rained some more

These pictures were taken from Tom & Doris Enos's coach

While Tom Enos was taking these pictures, he caught Tom Murphy coming back from making a garbage run for all of us. 

He was the only one with "Rubber Boots". 
The rest of us used Plastic Bags and Rubber bands.
We hope you enjoy our picture from the FMCA Convention in Hutchinson, KS. 

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